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When is the last time you read your insurance policy? Actually read it from cover to cover? If you're like most people, never. People tend to purchase insurance based on a recommendation and price and never bother to read the actual benefits that they are paying for . . . until it's time to file a claim, and then all too often they are surprised to learn that the coverage they THOUGHT they had purchased isn't the coverage that they have. Unfortunately, it's too late then.

That's why we have formed Unified Sales Agency, Inc. (USA). We know that you shouldn't have to be an expert in policy provisions and various types of coverage. USA has put together a management team with more than 70 years of experience in the insurance business. Furthermore, our licensed insurance agents know the ins and outs of today's complicated insurance marketplace. We represent more than 200 insurance companies so that we can identify the best policy for your needs at the most affordable price. Most importantly, we'll read your policy language and keep you informed as to the various coverages and limits so that you don't have to become an expert in insurance.

Whether your needs are homeowners, auto, fire, crop, or life insurance, USA has access to the top companies in the United States. Let us be the advocate for your needs. Unified Sales Agency has significant expertise in Medicare supplement coverages, Obamacare compliant health plans as well as many other types of insurance. Our company has been organized in districts so that you will never have to deal with a voice in a distant state to address your questions. Personal service is the key to our business model.

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